Candice’s new friend, Lucy is quite possibly the best friend she has ever had. She’s caring, creative, and more fun than anyone Candice has ever met. Lucy, however, is also a little different. She can’t go into the sunlight, she can move incredibly fast, she can see auras, her fairy houses look like gothic mansions, and plants have a funny way of dying when she holds them.

Being the new girl is hard enough, but being new and clearly different makes Lucy the target of every rumor. Candice seems to be the only one who can see the amazing friend and fantastic personality behind Lucy’s oddities; but no amount of effort on her part seems to be enough to allay her classmate’s fears. When the local dairy farm’s entire herd of cows suddenly goes missing, the whole school knows exactly who to blame. Can Candice solve the mystery and prove her friend’s innocence before the entire town turns against Lucy’s family?